Went to Lalaport for some tea and thought, well, why not check out the new stuff at the Pokemon Center?

Turns out the Rayquazas have articulated bodies. The Kyogre plushes are also really cute, but posable dragons? Yes please.

oh my god


Haikyuu!! Ace Attorney AU

Cannot get this idea out of my head. Hinata is a young defense lawyer with a strong sense of justice. Kageyama is a genius prosecutor, titled ‘King of the Court’ (pun intended lol) by many. He always got a guilty verdict for the defendant he prosecuted. At first, their difference in ideology made them clashed, but after faced so many times in court, eventually they became a duo who seek truth together.

Yachi is Hinata’s assistant/sidekick, and Gramps Ukai is The Judge lmao. Also, Kageyama has a mentor, Oikawa. He’s a very talented prosecutor and despite his silly nature, he always prosecute wisely. During investigation, Oikawa has a loyal partner, detective Iwaizumi. Both of them share an immense level of trust even though Iwaizumi always deny it.


Best gay joke ever

Every time - Nagisa Saying Rei-chan
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Finally after weeks of working on this, it is finished! This includes both seasons, all the frfrs, and the Reigisa duet drama (which alone had Nagisa say it 21 freaking times omg). So please enjoy! 



MENSAJE A MIS SEGUIDORES DE ESPAÑA ! ! ! *reparte churros*

Para este Salón del Manga de Barcelona unas amigas y yo vamos a hacer un grupal de Free! y estamos casi al completo, solo nos faltan Sousuke, Nitori y Momo  ( ༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ )

Vamos a ir de Free! el viernes y nos encantaría tener a todos los personajes y ser una grupal grande y chachi (?) así que si estáis interesados/as podéis enviarme un mensaje a mi, Rin, o a Haru aquí presente 



"Puh-lease… As if I’ll ride in your—"

Higher Resolution: http://fav.me/d80kflv

We belong together
We belong together
GS Ball - Pokemon